Having made use of Google+ over the last few days, something I found interesting is the fact that it’s becoming very similar to Facebook in the way as you are able to establish just what connection you might be currently in.

See the profile solutions right here:

And there happen to be tools having taken this a step more. For example, using Findpeopleonplus.com you can look for individuals considering profile settings instance area, sex with locals, job etc – but additionally by connection status and looking for possibilities:

Clearly it is still very early times for Google+, but if it grabs to anywhere near the size of Twitter or myspace possibly there can be prospect of Bing (or at least third parties) to utilize this information in a manner to produce a dating site making use of folks on the internet+ as members, maybe in the same way to the way the loves of Zoosk have inked very well with Twitter matchmaking.

What do you think? Is actually Bing+ wanted to become the subsequent big dating internet site?!

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